Monday, March 19, 2012

Burn Rubber, Not Gasoline

My issues paper will be advocating, independence from oil and transitioning into vehicles that are more efficient, affordable, and reliable than common internal combustion cars today.

1. Intro- typical introduction, with the use of some ethos, pathos, and logos attributes to grab the audiences’ awareness of oil’s adverse effects

2. Statement and division of subject- my thesis will address the need to become independent from oil- to promote economic and environmental health/ security

3. Reasoning and explanation:
A. The destructive costs of oil
B. How to gain independence from foreign oil and oil in general
C. New technology and how you can become “self-reliant” today

4. Conclusion- summarize the entire paper and use mainly logic and emotional rhetoric to leave a definite lasting impression on the reader


  1. I like your reasoning- A self-reliant America would be awesome!

  2. I think the shortcoming with this concept is finding a replacement for the fossil fuels you are trying to eliminate. At this point, most electric cars are plug in or hybrid with a gasoline engine. In either case, these automobiles consume fossil fuels, either by burning gasoline or by using electricity that was made by burning coal.

  3. Thank you Rebecca!
    Thanks for bringing that up Alex. You need to remember that coal and other fossil fuels are not the only sources of energy that we use to make electricity. Some other ways include: methane, alcohols, and other renewable biofuels; nuclear reactor facilities, dams, geothermal services, and the smaller energy sources of solar and wind. With greater technological advances, each of the above alternatives are becoming more efficient and available. Also, there happen to be many other methods that are being further developed and tested at various universities today. Although coal and petroleum consisted of approximately 46% of our electricity generation in 2009, we can begin to use other alternatives. In 2006 alone, France produced 90.5% of their electricity from non-fossil fuel/ renewable resources. Though their country may be small in comparison to America, you could relate them to one of our states. All change begins somewhere and sometimes small, but never underestimate it or technology.